Illustration of a mix of various anime and video game characters.
Illustration of a dragonborn barbarian holding an ice themed axe in a snowy forest.
Illustration of Great Grey Wolf Sif from Dark Souls.
Illustration of a purple tiefling holding a white pseudodragon with a the moon and stars behind her.
Illustration of a wyvern in a volcanic cave.
Illustration of a woman with blue hair, golden eyes, and nebula freckles wearing a purple, flowing dress holding a large paintbrush while standing in a blue paint puddle with a  starry, rainbow background. Two koi fish swim above her head almost look like a crown.
Illustration of Isabelle from Animal Crossing standing on the shoulder of the Doom Slayer while yelling and pointing where to shoot.
Illustration of Sentry from High Rollers D&D with a cracked left eye.
Illustration of a raven falling from a night's sky into a fire.
Illustration of a warforged artificer casting a fire spell using gears and wooden strands taken from his own body.

Pixel Art

Two rotating poses of standing and walk animation sprites of a pixel art space space suit reminiscent of the old Russian/Soviet cosmonaut suits.
Pixel art playlist cover with a NES style controller that has music symbols replacing the button labels and the word 'Lentando' where the Nintendo logo should be. Light green text reads 'Ambient Gaming' at the top, with a blue to purple gradient with circles in the background.
Pixel art illustration of a corner of a building with the word 'BAR' in lights over the door and a mug of beer on the side of the building.
Pixel art illustration of the interior of a bar with a man behind the bar cleaning a glass and a woman in a red dress sitting at the bar with a cocktail glass on the bar next to her.
Three greyscale pixel art idle animations of a barbarian holding an axe and thumping it on the ground.
Greyscale pixel art animation of a barbarian running to the right
Pixel art illustration of a blacksmith's house showing both exterior and interior.
Pixel art trans flag with a fist in the middle and 'Black Lives Matter' in white text at the bottom.
Pixel art image of a room with a blue wall, unmade bed, a desk with a chair, books, computer, rubix cube, magic cards and multi-colored blocks that spell out the word 'ART'.
Pixel art greyscale image of a rogue with a bandana and flowing cap.
Pixel art greyscale image of a wolf with a red eye.

3D Models


Garden Life game preview.
The Bar game preview.
Scrappers game preview.